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Roofing Leadwork in Windsor, Crowthorne, Henley, Bracknell, Virginia Water and All Surrounding Areas

Roofing leadwork is a key component of roofing structures. Lead is used to prevent rainwater from entering vulnerable points in roofs, such as areas where different roofing elements meet and the base of the chimney. To ensure properties in Windsor, Crowthorne, Henley, Bracknell, Virginia Water and the surrounding areas are protected, it’s important to keep leadwork in good condition. At McCarthy Roofing Ltd, we manage seamless lead flashing installations, replacements, and lead flashing repairs and tailor our approach to achieve the best results for each unique property.

Please view our gallery to see the outstanding results the experts at our roofing company achieve. You can also view our previous roof leak repairs, new roofing installations and replacements.

Why Choose Lead For Roofs?

Different flashing materials are available, including copper, but the most common is lead. Lead provides excellent durability and strength and can last for up to 500 years. It offers outstanding waterproof protection and can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial structures.

At McCarthy Roofing Ltd, we offer cost-effective roofing leadwork solutions to keep various property types safe from water ingress, pests and the elements.

Lead Flashing Benefits

Lead flashing is the perfect solution for those wanting to have complete confidence that their structures will be protected in all weather conditions. It can also increase the overall lifespan of roofs and create an attractive finish. These are a few of the many advantages of lead flashings; more benefits include:

  • Lead is a Completely Recyclable Material

  • Lead Flashing Installations Are Visually Stunning With a Sleek Finish

  • Lead Offers Great Durability and is Easy to Work With

  • Lead Flashing Has an Incredible Lifespan

  • Lead Flashing Repairs From Our Professionals Are Easy and Effective

  • Inclement Weather Doesn’t Impact Lead Flashing Installations

  • Lead Can Be Installed On Different Types of Structures


Where is Lead Flashing Used?

Lead flashing is normally used wherever there are two joining surfaces, commonly around the chimney, roof apex and where the roofs of extensions meet the main structure.

Do I Need Lead Flashing?

Yes. Roofing leadwork is important because it keeps roofs and properties protected against the elements. Without it, you don’t gain all the aforementioned benefits, likely resulting in high roof maintenance costs.

The experts are happy to advise on all aspects of our leadwork services to help you make the most of your property in or around Windsor, Crowthorne, Bracknell, Virginia Water or Henley.

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